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  • Services

    Whether you want a bush trimmed back and shaped,  your power line cleared of foliage to the required distance, branches cut back from your building or property, or a big canopy tree removed – we do it all.

    Some of our most popular services include:
    • Pruning/trimming branches away from your roof/walls
    • Removal of dead limbs or trees
    • Improving light to your house or garden
    • Clearing branches overhanging the footpath
    • Weight reduction of trees/limbs over buildings
    • Removal of dangerous limbs or trees
    • Trimming branches to prevent access by possums

    But most importantly, we realise that you have ideas regarding how you want your garden to look, and we can assist you to create the look and the practicality you need. On every occasion you will see us taking the utmost care of your property. We are keen to ensure that your garden is left looking neat and tidy upon completion of the job.

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